DALIM Series are 4-channels high power level amplifiers designed to the rough requirements of the touring market. It is remarkable their high efficiency.

These amplifiers have been equipped with a high quality FIR-DSP with high performance 96kHz DSP process and a large IPS display, capacitive touch panel user interface.

In the design it has been implemented the advanced RAM Audio Power Control Management to configure through the DSP how to sharing the power between the channels according to the user needs, having the possibility to obtain in just one channel the maximum power.

Optional DanteTM Networking (AES67) and AES3 Digital inputs are available for DALIM amplifiers.


  • Large IPS display, capacitive touch panel user interface
  • High performance 96kHz DSP process. See More
  • Optional DanteTM Networking (AES67) and AES3 Digital inputs
  • Two ports Ethernet and USB port for DSP control
  • Low weight high efficiency class D topology
  • Universal power supply with PFC
  • Up to 20000 W in 4 channels
  • 8, 4 and 2 Ohm low impedance operation
  • 100, 70, 50 and 35 V high impedance modes
  • RAM Audio advanced Power Control Management (PCMTM)
  • Industry standard Neutrik® XLR and Speakon® connectors
  • Neutrik® PowerCon mains connector (32A version in 20Q model)
  • Removable dust filter foam
  • Up-side-down design to avoid fan dust accumulation
  • Temperature controlled, front to back cooling fan