4 inputs / 4 outputs internal DSP in Pi, DENEB and DALIM power amplifiers and DSP_PowerPack modules

Some display screenshots:

User EQ Screen
Home Screen
  • Way Output Signal: shines green with signal presence
  • Mute Button: mutes the amplifier channel output
  • Output Channel Level
  • ICL Indicator: shines when clip limiter system is working
  • LIM: shows RMS/Peak limiters compression level
  • T: shows the channel temperature (percentage)
  • System Preset/Mode/Way/User ID Out names of current process
  • Snapshot: shows the name of current Snapshot (if loaded one)
  • Default Screen Icon: button to access to the Default screen
DSP Edit Screen
DSP Edit Screen
  • Source Input: to select the analog/digital source input
  • System Input: to select the input of each system
  • User ID Input Label: shows the name assigned by the user
  • User EQ: to select the input EQ User Memory
  • Group Values: shows the control groups values (green if present)
  • JOIN (optional): to join different outputs to a single input
  • System Preset Selector
  • M: to select the Mode EQ
  • Way: to optionally select the output way
User Input Setting Screen
User Input Setting Screen
  • User ID Input Label: shows the name assigned by the user
  • User EQ Access Button
  • In: Input Level VUmeter
  • GAIN IN: to change the input gain
  • DELAY: to change the input delay (ms)
  • MUTE: to mute input
  • Rev: to change input polarity
User EQ Screen
User EQ Screen
  • EQ Memory Name
  • EQ ON/OFF: to Enable/disable User EQ
  • On/Off HP 1-6: to access to specific filter and enable/disable it
  • Type: to assign the filter type to the selected EQ
  • FREQ: to assign the frequency to the selected EQ
  • GAIN: to assign the gain to the selected EQ
  • Q: to assign the Q to the selected EQ