SOUNDOLOGY is a company founded with the aim of bringing the best possible sound quality to the areas of the Balkan countries.

SOUNDOLOGY with the slogan WE BRING THE SOUND has a team that is highly skilled, made up of experienced professionals with over 25 years of experience in the audio industry. Each project is followed in detail from beginning to end. Complete support and assistance is provided at all stages.

SOUNDOLOGY is the general distributor and importer of premium brands of professional loudspeakers 1-SOUND from the USA and high-end amplifiers RAM Audio from Spain.

The company SOUNDOLOGY is very proud to be recognized as a close partner and main distributor of one of the best speaker brands in the world, 1-SOUND. Through us, every buyer of 1 SOUND speakers will enjoy complete premium support and assistance directly from the manufacturer.

We are also proud that one of the best manufacturers of professional amplifiers in the world, RAM Audio, trusted us and authorized us as the main distributor of its products for the Balkan countries: Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania.


1 SOUND is a relatively young brand from the USA, based in Monmouth County New Jersey. The founder is audio and music industry veteran Lou Mannarino, with over 40 years of experience. He collaborated with some of today’s biggest musical names, such as Paul McCartney, Jay-Z, Bon Jovi, etc. He has designed complete audio systems for the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Four Seasons hotel chain, Lincoln Center for the Arts and many others. He is also the founder of another company, L&M Sound & Light.

1 SOUND speakers are next-generation products, which are characterized by top quality sound and production. 1 SOUND utilizes the best research and development laboratory in Italy. All products are manufactured in the USA, with the highest quality components and materials.

ALL 1 SOUND products are IP55 certified and salt water resistant. Each speaker has a special UV coating, which makes it resistant to the influence of sunlight. This makes them ideal for fixed installations in open spaces, around swimming pools, on beaches and seashores, as well as anywhere where there is increased humidity and the possibility of precipitation.

1 SOUND speakers are factory-produced in black and white. The 1 SOUND Custom Shop offers custom color combinations and custom wood finishes, making 1 SOUND speakers look great for all spaces, especially for shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, concert and sports halls, cinemas, clubs, etc. Owners of private residences, who want to have the highest possible sound quality and design in their home, will also enjoy 1 SOUND products.

Another important feature of 1 SOUND professional speakers, which separates them from other brands, is the highest possible power, with the smallest box dimensions on the market. It is especially interesting for professional musicians and professionals from the rental business, who have frequent installations in multiple locations. Easy portability and quick installation of the 1 SOUND system is an advantage that professionals will greatly appreciate.

1 SOUND, along with its speakers, recommends and provides top-quality amplifiers like RAM Audio and PowerSoft. 1 SOUND loudspeaker DSP presets are provided for these amplifiers.


RAM Audio was founded way back in 1982 under the name C.E. Studio-2 from Valencia, Spain. The primary activity was the production of professional audio electronics, and in 1997 the RAM Audio brand was launched, under which the company is known worldwide today.

In 1998, RAM Audio premiered the legendary BU series and since then, until today, the company develops and manufactures some of the best amplifiers in the world.

Series DQL, S, T, RX, V, ZETTA, MDi, XTR, Pi, etc. are lined up. Each series has found its application in various segments of audio installations. The latest technologies such as DSP, Ethernet control, AES3, Dante, redundant power supplies, etc. have been integrated and developed.

RAM Audio has a very wide range of models, for all possible applications, from the simplest installations, all the way to high-quality power amplifiers up to 20,000 W.

The sound quality and power of the RAM Audio amplifier is unassailable.