Pi Series front display
Pi Series software

DSP of DENEB amps is a very versatile processor useful for any kind of sound system and configurable for any sound application possible.

High performance FIR DSP at 96 kHz.

This digital processor has Ethernet control and is controlled by means of RAM Audio own control software, RAM_OCS.

DSP management: RAM_OCS and Display

Two DSP levels of control: User and Advanced

User Level functionalities:
  • Input Routing matrix Analog/Dante/AES3
  • Input EQ section with 8 filters and 20 memories
  • Input EQ Use section, predefined by the manufacturer
  • System Preset selection predefined by the manufacturer (Locked/Unlocked)
  • Snapshot library management up to 100 pre-sets
  • Master Control Groups
Advanced Level functionalities:
  • Input EQ Mode section creation, up to 20 presets
  • Ways routing section (Locked/Unlocked)
  • IIR EQ section: XOver, Gain, Delay, and 7 EQ filters
  • FIR EQ section: linear phase XOver and EQ filters, or custom up to 1000 taps
  • RMS and Peak Dynamic control
  • Snapshot library management up to 100 presets (Locked/Unlocked)
  • System Preset library management up to 100 presets
  • 5 Security levels definition to limit final user functionality

Some display screenshots:

User EQ Screen
Home Screen
  • Way Output Signal: shines green with signal presence
  • Mute Button: mutes the amplifier channel output
  • Output Channel Level
  • ICL Indicator: shines when clip limiter system is working
  • LIM: shows RMS/Peak limiters compression level
  • T: shows the channel temperature (percentage)
  • System Preset/Mode/Way/User ID Out names of current process
  • Snapshot: shows the name of current Snapshot (if loaded one)
  • Default Screen Icon: button to access to the Default screen
DSP Edit Screen
DSP Edit Screen
  • Source Input: to select the analog/digital source input
  • System Input: to select the input of each system
  • User ID Input Label: shows the name assigned by the user
  • User EQ: to select the input EQ User Memory
  • Group Values: shows the control groups values (green if present)
  • JOIN (optional): to join different outputs to a single input
  • System Preset Selector
  • M: to select the Mode EQ
  • Way: to optionally select the output way
User Input Setting Screen
User Input Setting Screen
  • User ID Input Label: shows the name assigned by the user
  • User EQ Access Button
  • In: Input Level VUmeter
  • GAIN IN: to change the input gain
  • DELAY: to change the input delay (ms)
  • MUTE: to mute input
  • Rev: to change input polarity
User EQ Screen
User EQ Screen
  • EQ Memory Name
  • EQ ON/OFF: to Enable/disable User EQ
  • On/Off HP 1-6: to access to specific filter and enable/disable it
  • Type: to assign the filter type to the selected EQ
  • FREQ: to assign the frequency to the selected EQ
  • GAIN: to assign the gain to the selected EQ
  • Q: to assign the Q to the selected EQ